WorldDAB durchbricht die Marke von 100 Mitglieder

    [London] Seit Jahresbeginn verzeichnet WorldDAB den Zuwachs um neun weitere Mitglieder, u.a. RAI, General Motors und Toyota. Damit umfasst die Organisation nun 104 Mitglieder aus 29 Ländern. Bernie O’Neill, Project Director, WorldDAB: “We’re delighted to welcome these new members who are representative of our key member constituencies and the global reach of our membership. They reflect our core remit of fostering cross-industry collaboration and the exchange of best practice on the rollout of DAB+ digital radio. WorldDAB is the only place where members, through our events and seminars, committees and working groups, can find access to information and guidance on all aspects of rolling out digital radio – technical, regulation, business cases, marketing and content.”